Daily Competition Results

Our daily Bridge competition starts at midnight EST with a fresh set of hands each day.
– In this competition you are playing against 3 computer players.
– The computer players play the same system as yours, the system you have set in your profile.
– When you view the results, the other players with usernames are real people (other members) who have played the same hands that you have.
– You must play 10 hands to be ranked in the top section.
– You can play more hands but only the first 10 hands are counted in your ranking.
– If you replay a hand, only your first play will be counted.
– The competition with use the bidding system you set in your profile.

In the results table below you can:

  • Click on a username to see their contract, score and ranking for each competition hand.
    NOTE: you must have already played that hand to see their bidding.

  • Click on the arrows either side of the date to see results from previous days.

Results Table

The Acol Bidding System

*If you live in the UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand Acol is the most widespread system Acol has the following characteristics:
  • It is a natural system: most opening bids, responses and rebids are made with at least 4 cards in the suit bid, and most no trump bids are made with balanced hands.
  • It is a four-card major system: only four-card suits are required to open 1 or 1, unlike Standard American and many other systems where five-card suits are typically required.
  • It makes extensive use of limit bids: limit bids describe the hand so closely, in terms of high card points (HCP) and shape, that the one who makes the limit bid is expected to pass on the next round, unless partner makes a forcing bid.
  • Understanding and correct use of limit bids and forcing bids is fundamental to applying the system: all no trump bids below the level of 4NT are limit bids, as are all suit bids that merely repeat a suit already bid by the partnership; changes of suit may be forcing or not depending on the approach bids.
  • The level of the 1NT opening bid influences other bids: the normal choice is between a “weak no trump” (12–14 HCP) and a “strong no trump” (15–17 HCP).
  • All 1 of a suit opening bids then promise at least 4 cards in the bid suit
  • Notrump follow-up conventions include Stayman, Jacoby transfers Blackwood and Gerber Convention.